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Louise Chantál stars in a music video for “Purple Rain” single

Louise Chantál is a 21-year-old British-Guyanese Pop singer. Not too long ago, she starred in a music video for “Purple Rain”, an enchanting song off her 11-track album, entitled, “Welcome to Aranbi”.

Louise Chantál

Photo courtesy of Louise Chantál’s website

Welcome to Aranbi is a concept album consisting of nine songs, divided into three parts. They share the distinctive ways in which R&B, Pop, world music, and feminism have impacted me throughout my life as a woman of color. And they have led me to create a new world, which you will first experience through sound. In each song, I’ve channeled a different woman with a distinct spirit, identity, and life story of her own. These are the voices of the women in my world, the women of Aranbi.”



The Donald Crunk-directed video was shot in London, England. It begins with an old video footage of Chantál conversing with her significant other.

Louise Chantál

Photo courtesy of Louise Chantál’s website

In the following scene, we see Chantál in a skimpy outfit, riding on roller skates in someone’s backyard. The colorful decorated set meshes well with Chantál’s colorful attire.

Listen to “Welcome to Aranbi” via Soundcloud.

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