Charlotte Lawrence is an American Pop singer/model. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “Keep Me Up” single.

Charlotte Lawrence – “Keep Me Up”

“My mind keeps looking for a way to find somebody else to blame. The silence screaming way too loud. I need something to dim it down. To find a way to block the sound.”

The video begins with Lawrence inside a train station, eventually, she rides a train. The following scene shows her exiting a station in Chinatown, a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, New York.  

It’s nighttime, and Lawrence wanders the street under the moonlight. She’s trying to cope with her anxieties. Also, she’s trying to get her boyfriend outta her mind but the thought of him is running through her veins.

Charlotte Lawrence

“You’re keeping me awake at night. I’m losing all my appetite. My heart is beating out of time. My skin is cold, my chest is tight.”

In conclusion, Lawrence’s “Keep Me Up” single sheds light on anxiety disorders that plague millions of people worldwide. Although 30 percent of people suffering from anxiety never seek treatment, Lawrence is optimistic that by singing about it, positive change might happen.

Lawrence wants those suffering from anxiety to know that they are not alone, and she is suffering from the same symptoms as they are.

Charlotte Lawrence

Charlotte Lawrence

“I wrote this song personifying anxiety. It’s a song to anxiety and was easy to write because it’s about what I was feeling in the moment. I’ve always struggled with anxiety, and it’s always been a very big issue for me, so I thought I needed to write about it and bring light to it.” – Charlotte told Teen Vogue

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