Advertise your music, product, or service on Bong Mines Entertainment, LLC. We offer different types of ad placements and service options. Also, pick the banner sizes and placement options that are right for you and your company.


  • Banner Sizes – 300 x 250 | 180 x 150 | 300 x 50 | 320 x 50 | 468 x 60 | 728 x 90
  • Banner Placement OptionsHeader | Mid Page | Footer | Sidebar
  • Ad Appearance – 7 secondary pages
  • Social Media Exposure
  • Includes Sponsored Post (if applicable)

Sponsored Posts & Digital Marketing Campaigns

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Prices varies for our sponsored post service and digital martketing campaigns. For Sponsored Posts, prices start at $200.00 for a 300-word article. Email us for pricing if your word count exceeds the 300-word limit. For our digital marketing campaigns, please email us at for pricing and more information. 

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