Zigtebra releases a cool music video for their “Paradise” song

November 6, 2017 admin

Zigtebra releases a cool music video for their “Paradise” song

Zigtebra is an Indie Rock brother/sister duo consisting of Emily Rose and Joe Zeph. Not too long ago, they released a music video for their “Paradise” song.

Zigtebra – “Paradise”

The video shows Rose and Zeph dining with vanilla and frosted covered donuts with sprinkles. Another scene shows them in a bathtub eating doughnuts with strawberry filling.


The [Zigtebra] project started off with puppetry and short plays and morphed into a band. The two are hopping from city to city until September, taking selfies with Bernie Sanders, running around wearing animal masks and filming a music video to a new song every month.” – Stephanie Smittle, AR Times

Check out Zigtebra’s “The Brave” project via Spotify.

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