Rap Battle: Tsu Surf vs. T-Top [Explicit Content]

December 16, 2016
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Rap Battle: Tsu Surf vs. T-Top [Explicit Content]

New Jersey representative Tsu Surf and North Carolina battler T-Top put on a classic battle at the Ultimate Rap League’s (URL) ‘Night of Main Events 6’ event, where the culture’s most-popular emcees battled on the world’s biggest stage for emcee battling.

Eric Beasley, co-owner of the URL, didn’t know what to expect before the battle; and many fans and critics believed it could go either way.

“Tsu Surf needs no introduction,” said Beasley, before the battle. “Surf’s lyrical, unorthodox wordplay and brash attitude has kept him at the top of the culture. But will he be able to maintain his high profile against former UFF champion T-Top? A former Proven Ground’s recruit, T-Top have performed at the highest level against some of the culture’s top names. His slick talk, wordplay, and story-telling have made him a fan favorite. But will that be enough to beat Tsu Surf in the toughest environment in the world for emcee battling?”

Tsu Surf vs. T Top at NOME 6

Tsu Surf makes his claim on why he can beat T-Top; and during the first round, he landed a haymaker that shook the room.

“I don’t wanna hear about ya big bags and ya jar deals. Mommy sniff coke, you pitch coke in the hard field. You seen me in ya state, you ain’t in Newark where them cars squeal, I walk through Carolina so much I got Tar Heels!” – Surf

But the Twitter verified emcee wasn’t finished yet. He unreleased an intricate Greek-gods scheme that would make QP and Chilla Jones blush with admiration.

“You on Smack now, wow, feel it’s a joy. In URL’s year by grade, this ni^^a’s a boy. You on contract to rap, every time they snap, us Top Tier ni^^as call that fill in the void. Pull up in a horse, you gon’ need more than a toy, wrap him like the Greeks, send them pirates ahoy. Know ya history, know ya school, I’ve been Smack since a boy, whoever thought I would kill these (Achilles) ni^^as in front of Troy. I kept a Hermes’ belt for the rondo, switch blade shape him, Steve Harvey at Apollo. I send my dogs in a hole if we find out that puss hidin’ (Poseidon). I’ll tell ‘em go and water world his block if we find out this puss inside and… Hermes, Apollo, Poseidon, that’s all Greek sh^t, mixed with street sh^t, three flips, back to back like a Meek diss.” – Surf

Tsu Surf vs. T Top

But T-Top wasn’t worried. He held his composure. But, deep down he realized he was up against one of the best Surfs he had seen since Surf’s battle with Roc. So, Top spits his best raps hoping they would top Surf’s epic round.

“Save all them struggles my ni^^a, ‘cause I don’t give a damn. You seen me snap and try to steal my stories like Instagram. I told Brizz, I’ll get the bodies, you go and get the van, I’ll leave the scene two Cortez’s, that’s ‘Spic and Span’. I click and blam lil’ ni^^a you better spark something, Yung Joc, I’ll lean over here just to part something. Water too hot for the pot, it got the jar bustin’, told my fiend look both way, it’s like a car comin’.  And Tay Roc, b^tch, yo you stole that line. I told you that when we were sparring on the phone that time. What you gonna say, I rap about cookin’ dope, that’s fine. I’ll f^ck around and leave Roc on the stove next time.” – T-Top

Tsu Surf vs. T-Top at NOME

The crowd erupted, and Surf realized he was in a fight with a wild grizzly bear.

“Speaking of Roc, I’m really in the field Tsunami, with the trappers, we really movin’ crillz Tsunami, so much water, I had to use a reel Tsunami, and started whippin’, you ever seen a real tsunami? You lucky you ain’t get killed Tsunami, the way them Newark ni^^as were herbing him, mad ‘cause he reppin’ their hood but he’s from Irvington, them b^tches left bottles in ya section like they servin’ him, sh^t, I’d a put the five to his back like I’m burping him, the nerve of him. Went to the Lou, got smoked by Verb and ‘em, they murdered him. Called out Mook, but he won’t deserving him. We all watched ya career die and rebirth again, ‘cause that’s when Roc gave you life like it’s ya third offense. B^tch!” – T-Top

The rest of the battle was epic, and fans were happy with the result—even though Surf ‘jerseyed’ his third round.

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