The Lox talk politics on Drink Champs podcast

December 15, 2016
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The Lox talk politics on Drink Champs podcast

N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, known as the Drink Champs, had a great time interviewing members of The Lox—Styles P, Sheek Louch, and Jadakiss. The Yonkers trio discussed their new partnership with Roc Nation, their upcoming album ‘Filthy America’, and music-business politics.

“This is what it’s about though, at a certain point in your career you gotta say yo, I want a partnership. How long do you say yo, I wanna work for somebody before you say I wanna work with somebody? – Styles P

The Lox know the disadvantages of working for somebody. In 1999, they sparked a grass roots movement that pressured Bad Boy Records to release them from their unfair contract. That victory freed them from doing dance records to signing with a harder label that fit their street image.

The Lox, Drink Champs

“The music business is the only place that a small White guy from Paris somewhere is gonna cut you $700,000, and if you don’t pay him back, he ain’t coming to ya block or none of that. You got a free 7-hunit.” – Jadakiss

When asked about signing with a major label, Styles P chimed in.

“I need some backend off that. I’ma go speak to someone in the back where they getting the backend. Let me get a part of the backend too. Gimme a part of the backend. There’s a backend. There’s always a backend. If I got 10 Mil off rip, I’ma take it and think if you willing to give me 10 mil off rip, what could you make off of me? There must be a reason you willing to give me that 10Ms. Gimme the 10Ms and gimme like a couple of points on it so I can eat later.” — Styles P


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