Tee Grizzley dedicates song to his “Day Ones”

July 16, 2017
July 16, 2017 admin

Tee Grizzley dedicates song to his “Day Ones”

Tee Grizzley is an emerging rapper outta Detroit, MI. Not too long ago, he released “My Moment”, his debut album featuring a song dedicated to his “Day Ones”. The Helluva Beats-produced track sets the tone, while Grizzley raps about his incarcerated and deceased friends.

Tee Grizzley


“Few of my ni^^as got Instagram / All of my ni^^as got JPEGs / I make sure their books straight / They don’t gotta f*ck with them state trays / For Rondo I’ma go that way / Tae I’ma do the same thing / Rest in peace to Mario / They killed him right before my b-day / Back of his head, he died instantly.”


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