Tay Roc murders #Freestyle026 on Funk Flex show

December 6, 2016

Tay Roc murders #Freestyle026 on Funk Flex show

Tay Roc, arguably URL’s top battle-rapper, murders #Freestyle026 on the Funk Flex show at HOT 97. The ‘Mr. Gun Bar King’ was nothing short of spectacular, while spittin’ over Wu Tang Clan’s ‘Triumph’ instrumental.

“I’m never gon’ lose, thought I would never shine, now I’m here Flex makin’ upper echelon moves. I rock designers when the weather all cool, them Giuseppe got gold buckles like leprechaun shoes.” – Tay Roc

Shout out to Roc for being one of the realest, and most-respected battle-rappers.


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