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Sunset City releases a new song, entitled, “Can I Go Back?”

Sunset City is an Electronic-Pop band from the Gold Coast. Not too long ago, they released “Can I Go Back?“, an enjoyable, feel-good Summer track with a catchy hook.

Sunset City

Can I Go Back? will more than likely be featured on Sunset City’s forthcoming debut album, which is underway, and the excitement and anticipation from their fans is building.

Can I Go Back? reminisces over a past relationship, and it’s about realizing the mistakes that were made and learning from them” – Parker Rose, lead singer

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Sunset City – ‘Can I Go Back?’

“Like popping the top on an icy cold soda at the height of summer, ‘Can I Go Back?’ is a thirst-quenching sun-drenched pop tune and the perfect hors d’ouevres to whet our appetites…” – Auspop

Sunset City

Sunset represents all-things pop and creates a feel-good atmosphere wherever they go. Their pop culture inspiration of dance, beach and summer is one that creates an essence of fun and good times whenever there is a party brewing.

“These four young men are already creating waves on the Gold Coast music scene with their cutting edge, electric sounds and upbeat dirty pop. With a catchy, fresh sound and a fun, energetic vibe, it won’t be long before Sunset City start making waves on the Australian music scene. A great new band to keep an eye on!” – George Sheppard

FUN FACT: City began as a three-piece band with Parker Rose, Matt Scully, and Rob Johnson. Then they expanded into a four-piece band with the addition of Brady Parsons.


Parker Rose – lead vocals
Matt Scully – guitar/vocals
Rob Johnson – bass/vocals

Brady Parsons – drums/vocals

Sunset City 170x170bb

Title: “Can I Go Back?

Genres: Pop, Music, Rock

Released: Dec 21, 2016

Labels: ℗ 2016 The A&R Department | KAOS

(4 / 5)

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