Sophia Stewart exposes Hollywood elites for stealing ‘The Matrix’ and ‘The Terminator’ movies

While our minds busied daydreaming on a spiritual binge, an all-too important reality seized the moment—a phone conversation with ‘The Mother of the ‘Matrix and ‘Terminator’ movies—Sophia Stewart.

The phone rang, and we heard her angelic voice. It was warm and welcoming, reminiscent of a heroine’s voice from Kemet. At that moment, we felt like we were communicating with the Oracle. What we thought would be a routine interview, shaped itself into a surreal moment that we will never forget. Press play to relive the moment when Sophia Stewart exposed Hollywood elites for stealing “The Matrix” and “The Terminator” movies, straight outta her book, entitled, ‘The Third Eye‘.


“Matrix and Terminator are black artwork. In white artwork, we [blacks] are in lower positions. We are not in position of leadership, or in position of upward mobility of who we are and our standings. But Matrix is black leadership role, and it puts people of color in great position, and the white guys are the bad guys. It’s black artwork and black ownership.”


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