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Saweetie releases a lyric video for her “Expen$ive” single

Saweetie is an emerging rapper outta the Bay Area, California. Not too long ago, she released a lyric video for “Expensive”, a single from Zaytoven’s “Zaytown Sorority, Vol. 2” project.

Saweetie – “Expen$ive”

Check out Saweetie’s lyrics to see why she’s so expen$ive.


“All my weave is virgin, that’s why I ain’t f*cking with you hoes.

All my weave is virgin, that’s why I ain’t f*cking with you hoes.

I’m expensive, my ni^^a, never friendly.

Keep his side chick Nina in the glovebox of the Bentley.

All these b*tches envy. How many? Too many.

Out in San Jose my ese move that weight comprende.

Fenty on my face, cocaina on my toes.

Ferragamo ’round my waist, fashion nova for the clothes.

Forgiattos on the Wraith, oh my god, my roof is gone.

Looking like I won the race, all this gold that I got on is expensive.”

Check out Zaytoven’s “Zaytown Sorority, Vol. 2” project via Spotify, featuring Saweetie’s “Expensive” single.

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