LA performing duo Lo/Hi: ‘Lessons from the Low End’ EP

February 1, 2017

LA performing duo Lo/Hi: ‘Lessons from the Low End’ EP

Lo/Hi is an LA duo consisting of producer Steve Rusch and singer Mischa Mandel. Their new single, ‘Tell Me Your Name’, is a song off their ‘Lessons from the Low EndEP, compiled of soul-infused electronic music.  

“‘Tell Me Your Name’ is an up-tempo, danceable song that taps into that irresistible feeling we’ve all experienced: when the only thing you need is to know everything about someone.”


Lo/Hi – (Photo by Grant Aumiller)

“‘Lessons from the Low End’ is a bold collection of music that is cutting edge as well as eminently accessible. Lyrically, the record is both autobiographical and universal, trading in the timeless world of love found and lost. Yet close analysis is not required, as listeners who just want to lose themselves in the rhythm will be richly rewarded.”

FUN FACT: Steve Rusch and Mischa Mandel met at CalArts, where they shared their love for electronic, soul, and hip-hop music.


 Title: Lo/Hi – ‘Lessons from the Low EndEP

Genres: Alternative, Music

Released: Oct 28, 2016

Label: ℗ 2016 Hand Over Fist


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