Kalibé releases a music video for their “Tudo Gira” single

November 15, 2017 admin

Kalibé releases a music video for their “Tudo Gira” single

Kalibé is a multicultural music group who combines cultural music styles, instruments, and languages from a wide variety of indigenous cultures. Not too long ago, they released a music video for “Tudo Gira”, a single from their “Mãe da Lua” album.

Kalibé – “Tudo Gira”

The video begins with India Mãe da Lua, an environmental activist, and poet, seating on a tree. Also, we see her joyfully singing in nature alongside Matteo Crugnola, an instrumentalist.

“Mãe da Lua”

“Mãe da Lua” is a spiritually hypnotic project that brings together people from all cultures through the power of music. Also, it celebrates their ancestry by looking positively to the future.


Kalibé’s music is created by skilled musicians from all corners of the Earth. They play instruments from across Africa, Persia and South America. Also, the singers bring together languages as seemingly disparate as Indian, Hebrew and Amazonian tribal dialects with ease.

Check out Kalibé’s “Mãe da Lua” album via Spotify.

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