K-Shine rants on Facebook Live about his upcoming T-Rex battle

December 29, 2016
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December 29, 2016 admin

K-Shine rants on Facebook Live about his upcoming T-Rex battle

K-Shine is one of battle-rap’s top emcees. Not too long ago, he ranted on Facebook Live about his upcoming battle against Harlem-legend T-Rex. The battle takes place on the eighth of April at URL’s ‘Night Of Main Events 7’ event in New York City. 


Both emcees were a part of Dot Mobb, until Shine got ousted from the crew for ‘allegedly’ jumping ship to form NWX, a new battle-rap group. So, for almost 30-minutes, Shine talked about what he’s going to do at the battle, and what he felt when Rex sided with Murda Mook to oust him from Dot Mobb.


“If you had a bro right, and he’s really ya bro right, outside of rap, and he’s blowin’ his torch every time sh*t get down with y’all. You ain’t doing nothin’ though, but he’s blowin’ his torch. He’s spankin’ ni^^as. Ni^^as talk ya name and he’s getting busy. You ain’t doing nothin’ though. You just jack and you got a lil bro, that’s what you’re doing. When somebody else that’s in the crew say yo, he’s kicked out the group. Whatever. That’s what Mook did. That’s cool, ‘cause me and Mook don’t kick it like that. I don’t even got hard feelings for Mook. I never f*cked with him like I f*cked with Rex. That’s why I really don’t have hard feelings for him. But, when he say that, then, the ni^^a that you really f*ck with, do a blog and say, Mook made an executive decision, and I’m standing by it. But I’m ya brother though? All that bro sh*t is fake.”

T-Rex versus K-Shine battle at URL’s “N.O.M.E. 7”

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