“Triple Entendre”: A rap duel between Michael Da Vinci and Angelo Mota

For his single ‘Triple Entendre’, Parisian producer Jean Kengz facilitates a rap duel between Chattanooga’s Michael Da Vinci and New Jersey’s Angelo Mota. The result is refreshing, and serves as a friendly reminder that a good and healthy sense of “competition” is an important key to Hip Hop’s success.

“‘Triple Entendre’ is an ode to the wordplay. For this single, out of ‘The Substance‘ project, I wanted something that illustrated the concept of the whole album: great rap lyrics with substance over dope beats! Both MCs, Michael DaVinci and Angelo Mota were perfect fits for this one as they went head to head on a verbal duel dropping lyrical dimes in triple. The song is a straight up lyrical exercise that bring a good and healthy sense of competition which is always needed in Hip Hop.” – Jean Kengz, in an interview with Mass Appeal

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