Rap Battle: JC vs. Craig Lamar [Explicit Content]

December 6, 2016
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Rap Battle: JC vs. Craig Lamar [Explicit Content]

JC and Craig Lamar didn’t come to play during their heated rap battle at ‘Validation 5’ event, hosted by Rare Breed Entertainment (RBE). Both emcees gave quality performances, which were lyrically packed with enough haymakers to entice a farm of cows on Christmas.

Craig Lamar makes his presence felt in the first round with lines like, “You was expecting a cool flush, but I’m f’ing this dude up, ‘cause I came to press the bar like I’m trying to exit a school bus. Close range, you better hit the deck if the tool bust, or I’ma have the revolver spinnin’ in ya mouth like an electric toothbrush.”

But, JC nonchalantly cools off Lamar’s fiery attack with, “Why are we here? ‘Cause I do not need validation, I am validated so, I did check the reviews on you, they not even interested in what you rhyme about, all this—I been on the block and I, you ain’t learn nothin’ from them corners, I bet you will this time out.”

In boxing, what JC did would be considered a check hook. Very subtle, but it got Lamar’s attention. The rest of the battle follows the same narrative.

“This battle is fire, insane, one of the best battles that RBE had period!”- ANGRYFAN



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