International Women’s Day 2017: “Love Your Body and Self” #BeBoldForChange campaign

March 8, 2017
March 8, 2017 admin

International Women’s Day 2017: “Love Your Body and Self” #BeBoldForChange campaign

Today is International Women’s Day, a global day where we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women; and marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. So, to help empower women, we’ve partnered with Rouse Productionz, a Long Island-based production company, who created a #BeBoldForChange  campaign to help assist women in conquering their insecurities. 

Rouse Productionz, spearheaded by Oshane Cooke, in conjunction with Dustin and Denzel Mooney, created the ‘Be Bold for Change’ campaign to help women overcome their insecurities by being bold. The three men teamed up with several Long Island-based women to discuss topics that would interest women around the globe.


#BeBoldForChange [Photo by Noir Dream Photography]

“The ‘Be Bold for Change’ campaign was created to share a positive message to people, especially women around the world,” said Cooke, during the ‘Be Bold for Change’ photoshoot. “Women have been silenced in many ways over the years. But, as of recent, they have gotten louder with their voices. So, I figured, what better way to support women, than showing them how to overcome their insecurities by being bold.”


#BeBoldForChange [Photo by Noir Dream Photography]

Cooke, with the help of the Mooney brothers, executed a bold plan to take photos of 7 women, posing in their undergarments. The photos were elegant, proving that women are beautiful in every way, shape, or form. Then, the women were interviewed and asked, what motivates them? What are their goals in life? And, what advice would they give to women around the world?

“I hope this campaign brings awareness to the women empowerment movement,” said Cooke, “and I hope it motivates other women to speak up and join movements that will allow them to make changes in the world we live in.”

For more information about the ‘Love your Body and Self’ campaign, email Oshane Cooke and check out the full campaign via Instagram.


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