Intense faceoff between Shotgun Suge and Hitman Holla

December 20, 2016
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Intense faceoff between Shotgun Suge and Hitman Holla

Wild ‘n Out Star Hitman Holla and Shotgun Suge had an intense faceoff during their press run for their upcoming battle at UDUBB’s ‘Highstakes 2’ PPV event, which takes place on January 22, 2017.

During the sit-down, Hitman stated, “I was on ‘Highstakes 1’, why wasn’t he (Suge) on the card?” Suge replied, “Because they couldn’t’ afford my battle.” “Yo Ars, you ain’t have $2,000?” joked Hitman, and then he turned to Suge, “This the second biggest card in ya life!” Suge shouted, “Never! This ya biggest battle ever ni^^a!”

Both emcees talked a lot of sh^t, and the audience was loving every moment of it.

“I battled every ni^^a that’s better than you from your city,” said Hitman, “and Suge, in our class you’re in the bottom 20, real talk. I can name 20 emcees better than you right now.” Suge felt offended, so he replied, “This battle big because of me, not you bruh.”

Hitman averages 1.3 million views per battle, and Shotgun averages 360,000 views per battle. But, don’t let that wide margin fool you into believing that this is going to be a one-sided battle in Hitman’s favor. Shotgun isn’t coming to play, and neither is Hitman. But, while the ‘Ballgame’ rapper has been enjoying fame and success on television, Shotgun has been an active battler, who has moved-up in battle-rap’s ‘Top 10‘ rankings.

Other notable battles on the ‘Highstakes 2‘ PPV card include Pat Stay vs. DNA, Chess vs. Rad B, Tay Roc vs. Charron, and Arsonal vs. Chilla Jones.



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