Cortez – “I should be in the running for Battler of the Year”

December 15, 2016
December 15, 2016 admin

Cortez – “I should be in the running for Battler of the Year”

Cortez has been on a consistent run for over 7-years now. But some unappreciative fans and bloggers are talking down on all the work that he has put in. Insults are hurled his way, and some have called him wack, a mid-tier battler, and even worse—The Vault God. But, through it all, Tez has embraced the hate, and now, he is reaping what he sows.


Cortez via HipHopisLive

“My job is to stay relevant for my brand, me, and 7-years strong I’ve been booked. In my seventh year of battle-rap, I got 16 battles. Last year, I think I had around the same. I’m not gonna name certain battle rappers, but two years ago these guys were on fire. They came after me. They got on Summer Madness and other big events. But after two-three years they faded out. They have nothing left, they’re burnt out. So, for me to constantly get a check through all the hate, through all the drama, all the times I’m being slept on. Like, who’s doing that right now?” 

Recently, fans and critics are upset at battle-rappers coming unprepared in battles, resulting in chokings and mediocre performances. Many claim the battle-leagues are encouraging this bad behavior because they are booking the repeat offenders. But Tez isn’t on that list because he’s trying to set an example for all the top tiers.

“Ain’t no other battler did South by Southwest for the past 5 years.  I’ve done like 10 shows each time out there. No battle rapper getting those bookings. I’ve opened so many doors out there—the Joe Budden’s tour, The Game’s tour, the Wiz khalifa, and there’s more stuff to come.”

Cortez vs. B Dot

B Dot and Cortez at The Bunker

“I understand what the fans want. So, I’m not gonna give you a half-a^^ battle. I’m not gonna choke 9 times outta 10. I’m on The Game’s tour, and I stop touring to fly into L.A. to battle Bigg K. Then, go back on tour, and then fly out to battle Arsonal. Ni^^as ain’t doing that bro.”

Cortez feels his last battle with B Dot should put him in the running for ‘Battler of the Year’.

 Here’s what the latest tweets are saying about Cortez vs. B Dot battle:

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