Brooklyn rapper Josh the Word wants to ‘Make You A Mixtape’

January 16, 2017

Brooklyn rapper Josh the Word wants to ‘Make You A Mixtape’

Brooklyn rapper Josh the Word releases a heartwarming music video for ‘Make You A Mixtape/TMI Freestyle’, an insightful, thought-provoking song off his forthcoming album ‘Psyched Out’, scheduled to be released this February.

“For 30-months straight Josh the Word has curated a mixtape for his friends. Now, his first single “Mixtape/TMI” premieres as an ode to two dying art forms: mixtapes and app-free flirting. It’s a throwback to the days before streaming playlists, when you would make tapes and CDs for your crush.”

Josh The Word cover

In ‘Mixtape/TMI’, Josh the Word carefully balances meticulous cadences and wordplay with distorted soul and nostalgic samples. The accompanying video—equal parts surreal and heartwarming—follows an old man’s journey to deliver a mixtape to a hidden church in Upstate New York. It’s a testament to the power of music to move us, literally and figuratively.

FUN FACT: The old man who starred in ‘Make You A Mixtape/TMI Freestyle’ music video is the father of Word’s friend Jesse.

Josh the Word actually kept his word, and made us a mixtape. His ‘January Mix: The Intention’ mixtape features music from notable artists such as Childish Gambino, Chance The Rapper, Jeremih, Overcoats, Run The Jewels, Jess Best, Josh The Word, and many more.

Listen below and let us know what you think?


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