Battle rapper Goodz is a 2:1 favorite over T-Top at NOME 7

March 24, 2017

Battle rapper Goodz is a 2:1 favorite over T-Top at NOME 7

A week ago, critics and fans of battle rap were calling—Goodz vs. T-Top battle—too close to call. But the betting odds changed a few days later at HOT 97, when Goodz and T-Top showcased their freestyle skills for Funk Flex’s iconic #Freestyle series.


Goodz went first, and he rapped calm and philosophically over an edgy instrumental. “Whatchu rather, love or respect?” Goodz interjected. “I would say love but I love respect!” Goodz’s raps will make you think, and leave you with no option but to cheer for him.


T-Top rapped second, and the stage was set for him to outdo Goodz. But unfortunately, his braggadocios, drug-dealing bars took an unexpected nose dive—six bars in. Top tried to recover, but failed to do so after two attempts. Finally, he hit a nice stretch and delivered this memorable bar, “I used to rob magazine stands just to see a Jet, but nowadays I gotta buy a mirror just to see the best!”

Due to T-Top’s choking, Goodz is now a 2:1 favorite over T-Top at URL’s sold-out ‘NOME 7’ event, happening April 8 at Irving Plaza. But don’t let the betting odds sway your decision. T-Top is a grizzly bear in the ring, and Goodz is labeled ‘Da Animal’. So the question is, will T-Top cause another hunting accident? Or, is Goodz already celebrating his win?



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