Battle-rapper DNA kills freestyle on Sway in the Morning

December 3, 2016

Battle-rapper DNA kills freestyle on Sway in the Morning

We feel DNA doesn’t get the proper respect he deserves. Almost 100 battles in, 50 million views and counting, we don’t see why not? DNA has been one of the most-consistent battle-rappers of all-time, and he should be mentioned in the battle-rap ‘Mount Rushmore’ conversation because his lyrical, off-the-top freestyle game is ridiculous (ridiculous meaning good not ridiculous meaning bad).

DNA proved that on Nov. 28, 2016, when he lyrically man-handled the ‘5 Fingers of Death’ freestyle on Sway in the Morning show, something a lot of rappers can’t do. Nowadays, countless emcees spit written raps and call it freestyling, but they are inaccurate—freestyling is making up raps as you go, and currently, DNA is arguably the best at doing that.

Also, check out DNA spittin’ written raps on the Funk Master Flex show at HOT 97.


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