Aye Verb talks about URL’s new PG class

December 30, 2016
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Aye Verb talks about URL’s new PG class

Aye Verb, while in preparation for his Feb. 4thWinner Takes All’ match against Jimz, took some time off to kick-it with The War Report about URL’s new PG class.

“Ave reminds me of a harder punching Charlie Clips. He got all of Charlie’s moves; like how Charlie rushes you into the next punchline, and forces you to like it, Ave got the same sh*t. He got the same pattern as Charlie. He’s just a lil more creative. But, he hasn’t been tested.” – Aye Verb

Verb believes URL’s PG class haven’t proved zilch until they stand in front of battle-rap killers such as Loaded Lux, Calicoe, Hollow Da Don, Goodz, etc.

“Our era was way harder. Everywhere you turned, there’s a killer. You had to deal with Verb, Hitman, Ice Pack, Calicoe, Miles, X Factor, and Big T. That’s a different type of line-up. Then, you go to Goodz, Math Hoffa, and Rex. This era doesn’t have that.” – Aye Verb

But, there are a few exceptions, new emcees that Verb likes.

“I like B Dot, but he’s delusional… He doesn’t battle enough to be acting like that. I like Chess a lot. People forget he’s a kid, he ain’t even have chlamydia yet. I do like Ave, he’s older and seasoned. But, we can’t even talk until they start doing something magical… When y’all put them in front of us, that’s when the problem starts. That’s when you find out what they really are.”  – Aye Verb


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