6LACK stars in a gloomy music video for “Free”

June 13, 2017
Posted in Music, R&B, Soul

6LACK stars in a gloomy music video for “Free”

6LACK (“black”), an R&B/soul-singer outta Atlanta, GA, starred in a gloomy music video for “Free”, a song off his debut album, “Free 6LACK”.  


“6LACK’s moody, seductive first album establishes him as one of the sharpest voices in R&B.”


The video shows 6LACK trapped in a spider’s web. As he is struggling to break free, he accidently kicks over a lit candle. Subsequently, 6LACK escapes, while the house is burning. He goes back inside and sees the spider burning on his bed. Now, he’s finally free from its bondage.


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