40 Cal. stated that he would battle Tsu Surf for 20 bands

December 27, 2016
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December 27, 2016 admin

40 Cal. stated that he would battle Tsu Surf for 20 bands

40 Cal. is a veteran battle-rapper that earned his stripes on MTV2’s Fight Klub Battles. Also, he is a respected member of The Diplomats. During a recent interview with Angryfans Radio Show, 40 stated, “I would battle Tsu Surf for 20 bands,” after catching wind that Surf used his Iverson line in a battle with T-Top.

40 Cal.

“People were hitting me up saying he (Surf) used my Iverson line: ‘cause he’ll be on IV in the ER son. That’s a line that I had like 10-12 years ago. I understand, as artists, people say the same stuff. I would respect it if he said I never heard the line, ‘cause great minds think alike. But, his response wasn’t like that, it was more like this ni^^a buggin’, f*ck outta here.”

40 goes to say that the younger generation of rappers have no respect for the older spitters who paved the way.

“That’s the problem with the new generation, always sh*ttin’ on the older people that’s been doing this. If Lil Yachty could say f*ck Biggie, Biggie’s overrated, ain’t no surprising me. I came up from an era where the Freshman class was me, Oun-P, Fred The Godson, T-Rex, Charlie Clips, Virginia Slim, Fox 5, and loaded Lux.”

2017 should be a great year for battle-rap

If 40 gets the amount he is asking for, then, we will see if he can match wits with Surf, one of the elite battle-rappers of this era. But, until then, the spotlight will remain on 40 Cal.’s Iverson line.

“It was a bar that I wished I could’ve copyrighted. I ran into a dude on Instagram, a few years back, and he made a clothing line from my ‘Iverson’ bar. He said he sold mad shirts with that line on it.” 

Listen when 40 Cal. first used the Iverson line.

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