40 Cal.: ‘I would battle Tsu Surf for 20 bands’

December 27, 2016
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40 Cal.: ‘I would battle Tsu Surf for 20 bands’

40 Cal. is a veteran battle-rapper that earned his stripes on MTV2’s ‘Fight Klub Battles’, and as a respected member of The Diplomats. During a recent interview with Angryfans Radio show, 40 stated, “I would battle Tsu Surf for 20 bands,” after catching wind that Surf used his ‘Iverson‘ line during Surf’s battle with T-Top.

 “People were hitting me up saying he (Surf) used my Iverson line: ‘cause he’ll be on IV in the ER son. That’s a line that I had like 10-12 years ago. I understand, as artists, people say the same stuff. I would respect it if he said I never heard the line, ‘cause great minds think alike. But, his response wasn’t like that, it was more like this ni^^a buggin’, f*ck outta here.” – 40 Cal.

40 goes to say that the younger generation of rappers have no respect for the older spitters who paved the way.

“That’s the problem with the new generation, always sh*ttin’ on the older people that’s been doing this. If Lil Yachty could say f*ck Biggie, Biggie’s overrated, ain’t no surprising me. I came up from an era where the Freshman class was me, Oun-P, Fred The Godson, T-Rex, Charlie Clips, Virginia Slim, Fox 5, and loaded Lux.” – 40 Cal.

2017 should be a great year for battle-rap, full of surprises. If 40 gets the amount he is asking for, then, we will see if he can match wits with Surf, one of the elite battle-rappers of this era. But, until then, the spotlight will remain on 40 Cal.’s ‘Iverson’ line.

“It was a bar that I wished I could’ve copyrighted. I ran into a dude on Instagram, a few years back, and he made a clothing line from my ‘Iverson‘ bar. He said he sold mad shirts with that line on it.” – 40 Cal.

Listen when 40 Cal. first used the ‘Iverson‘ line.



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