Onji releases a vintage FX-styled music video for “Uh Oh”

Onji, a rising artist outta Los Angeles, CA, released an FX-styled music video for “Uh Oh”, a catchy, NardandB-produced single that addresses haters who are trying to get inside Onji’s head, trying to spoil his success. The Andrei Mindru-directed video captures Onji in a musical dimension, with discharging VHS lasers and vintage Ferraris. Comment below and let us know what you think?

Moxi releases “Figures Bathed in Light” single

Moxi consists of the dreamy, ethereal vocals of Anna Toy, and surrounded by the moody, atmospheric keyboards of Andy Toy. They are an indie-Pop outfit outta Los Angeles, CA. Their newest single, “Figures Bathed in Light”, is the title track off their upcoming EP, produced by Emmy Award-winning songwriter Bobby Hartry, and mixed by Bryan Cook (Radiohead, Beck). Read more

Oyabun releases music video for “Cobain” single

Rising-NY-based artist Oyabun released a music video for “Cobain”, a LeMieux-produced single about getting money, power, and respect. The LSDOOMGFX-artsy video captures Oyabun in a dark setting, rapping alongside a neon-lit, old-school BMW. Then, soon afterwards, we see Oyabun, and his female crime partner, sticking up a grocery store. “Cobain” is a song paying homage to fallen Rock icon Kurt Cobain.

DJ Esco’s “Too Much Sauce” is certified gold

DJ Esco is a disk jockey/producer outta Atlanta. Not too long ago, he released visuals for his highest-charting single, “Too Much Sauce”, which is the lead single off his “Project E.T.” mixtape. The song is certified Gold, peaking at #21 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, and #50 on Billboard Hot 100. The Rick Nyce-directed video captures Esco, Future, and Lil Uzi Vert chillin’ in a fun-filled environment.

Stacy Money releases visuals for “Conceited”

Stacy Money is a rapper outta New Jersey. Recently, he released a music video for “Conceited”, a cool, laid-back song, embedded with sexual raps, mixed in with a self-important theme. The humble video captures Money in relax mode, chillin’ in environments that  matches well with the song’s temperature. Comment below and let us know what you think?

Scruffie and Lan’do exposes social-media thotties on “Mentions”

Scruffie and Lan’do are rap brothers outta Toronto. Their latest single, “Mentions”, is a cool, Hovenchy-produced song about social-media thotties creepin’ up in their mentions. They also address the lovey-dovey cats that’s claiming these promiscuous broads. “Why ya hoe in my mentions?” Scruffie and Lan’do rapped, before adding, “Fall back, get out my mentions / I don’t know you like that.” Comment below and let us know what you think?

The Oxed Fairy – “Computer Girl” ft. Jocaus [AUDIO]

The Oxed Fairy is a 20-year-old producer/songwriter from New York. “Computer Girl”, featuring Jocaus, is the lead single off Fairy’s upcoming project, entitled, “Fairy World”. The song is catchy, and it has that Lil Yachty-vibe going on. The Electronic sounds, mixed in with the sing/rap flow, fits in perfectly with the current state of Mumble Rap music.

Ryan Cam – “No Pressure” EP [audio]

Ryan Cam is an upcoming hip-hop/Pop artist outta Virginia. His newest, 7-track EP, “No Pressure”, gave us that Netflix & Chill vibe; and, after pushing play, we felt, as if, we were on a smooth, roller-coaster ride through uncharted territory. Our favorite tracks on the EP are “Lmk”, “Ride My Wave” ft. Ally Collins, and “Time Back”. Check it out and let us know what you think? Read more